Welcome to Gamer Me

Yes, I am a gamer. And like any other gamer, I scour the web for information on the games that I play, be it in the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions), walkthroughs, guides, reviews, previews, or criticism, both constructive and demeaning.

So today, I launch Gamer Me, which I envision to be the Filipino gamer’s window to the electronic gaming world. With the help of gaming jounalists and bloggers, this blog, a spinoff of Ceskypooh’s World, will feature feeds from every available source, including two of the best founts of gaming news in the Philippines, GAME! Magazine and Hackenslash!

Of course, let’s not forget our friends from the local gaming industry, like online game publishers Level Up! Games, IP E-Games, Asian Media Development Group, Mobius, ABS-CBN Interactive, and Netplay, to name the more prominent ones.

And so, without further a due, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Ceskypooh's World