Events: Level Up! goes live this summer

It’s that time of the year again when Level Up! Games, publisher of the highly successful Ragnarok Online and Fly For Fun, gives you more than enough reason to be joyous and merry. Get ready for Level Up! Live 2007: Logged and Loaded!

Here’s an exerpt from the official announcement:

This year, Level Up! expanded its game portfolio to include hit games from Netgames! And more games mean more hard hitting, heart pounding tournaments! That’s why 2007 may very well be the biggest year yet for Level Up! Live.

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Ragnarok Online: Ninja, Gunslinger Skill Chart

While surfing for useful gaming news, Gam3r Me found out that a lot of Ragnarok Online players are still in the dark about the skill trees of the game’s latest job class additions—the Ninja and the Gunslinger. For the sake of everyone having a hard time referencing, here are copies of the skill charts.

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Ragnarok Online: Evolved Headgears

Evolved headgears are now available in Ragnarok Online. Just what are evolved headgears? Well, these thingamajigs are actually more powerful versions of those special headgears dropped by MVPs, courtesy of Rune Midgard’s greatest smiths. Hmmm, I wonder if Waukeen has anything to do with this.

Unfortunately, our master smiths can only handle so much. At present, they have only churned out two artifacts for you ‘RoKers out there. Enjoy!

Orc Hero HelmEvolved Orc Hero Helm
Stats : STR + 2, VIT + 1, MHP + 10%
6000 Rok Points

EddgaEvolved Pipe
Stats: VIT + 1, 5% damage reduction from animal type monsters
3000 Rok Points

Eddga says: “I’ve got nothing to do with this!”

Take note, however, that these items are only available at the RO Hypermart, and their prices are only introductory, meaning you might have to dish out more if you buy later. Also, once purchased, these items cannot be traded or sold through player merchants. They can moved from one character to the other via the Kafra Storage.

Soundtrack: The Memory of Ragnarok

Memory of Ragnarok OSTThe Memory of Ragnarok Original Soundtrack is an album featuring background music from the highly popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game Ragnarok Online. The soundtrack includes original background music from the South Korean-developed game, along with remixes and vocal arrangements of in-game music called BGMs, or background music. The game’s official theme song, “You and I,” is also included.

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Ragnarok Online: Ninja, Gunslinger Job Change Quests


To become a ninja, an avatar must be a novice at Job Level 10. The ninja guild is located in the city o Amatsu. To get to Amatsu, an NPC near the wall north of the merchant guild in Alberta will take you there for free.

Ragnarok Online NinjaOnce you get to Amatsu, enter the Ninja Guild Building and search for a room hidden behind a wall at the back of the main room. Inside this room, you’ll find Guild Master Couger Kai, who will ask you to deliver a message to his enemy in Einbroch.

After talking to him, make your way to Einbroch Tower. The cheapest way to Einbroch is to go back to Alberta via the same boat that took you there. Then take the boat to Izlude for 500 zeny and board an airship to Juno for 1,200 zeny, In Juno, switch from international to domestic flight and then get off at Einbroch.

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