Legend of Mir 2: Lover’s Quest

Is your avatar in love? Does he or she go on adventures with a special someone? If this is the case, you might want to undertake the Legend of Mir 2 Lover’s Quest and receive the much-coveted Gem Couple Ring. The road starts at the Flower Vendor at Castle Bichon. What does this special ring do? Let’s find out.

Legend of Mir 2 Lover's Ring

  • When both lovers wear the rings, they allow one to teleport to the other’s position. Just type @meetcouple in the chatbox do activate the magic. The power is limited, however, just like the normal teleport spells. The magic can’t bring your avatar to his or her lover who is in a non-teleport zone. What’s worst is, you can only do this once every time you log into the game.
  • You can gem or orb this item, just like any other item in the game. Unfortunately, the ring is subject to the laws of upgrading, meaning it can break after an unsuccessful attempt to gem or orb it.
  • The ring won’t be one of the items lost upon avatar death.
  • Tired of being summoned or visited by your significant other? You can pawn the ring at your friendly neighborhood trader.

Ragnarok Online: Evolved Headgears

Evolved headgears are now available in Ragnarok Online. Just what are evolved headgears? Well, these thingamajigs are actually more powerful versions of those special headgears dropped by MVPs, courtesy of Rune Midgard’s greatest smiths. Hmmm, I wonder if Waukeen has anything to do with this.

Unfortunately, our master smiths can only handle so much. At present, they have only churned out two artifacts for you ‘RoKers out there. Enjoy!

Orc Hero HelmEvolved Orc Hero Helm
Stats : STR + 2, VIT + 1, MHP + 10%
6000 Rok Points

EddgaEvolved Pipe
Stats: VIT + 1, 5% damage reduction from animal type monsters
3000 Rok Points

Eddga says: “I’ve got nothing to do with this!”

Take note, however, that these items are only available at the RO Hypermart, and their prices are only introductory, meaning you might have to dish out more if you buy later. Also, once purchased, these items cannot be traded or sold through player merchants. They can moved from one character to the other via the Kafra Storage.