Legend of Mir 2: The Three Heroes

The quests are there, but where are the walkthroughs?

Image courtesy of GAME! Magazine and Hinge Inquirer Publications


By Joel S. Tan

Every game worth its weight in gold has a FAQ sheet, guide or walkthrough posted somewhere in the vastness of the World Wide Web. Simply put, these games are the ones that get played frequently—so frequent that fans do their darnedest best to stake their claim as the first to come up with an encyclopedia on the do’s and don’ts of a particular game.

But what if a game doesn’t have a 255-page, 640-kilobyte FAQ sheet waiting on some shmuck’s website for newbies to tap? Is the game devoid of a fanbase? Is it so bad that self-crowned gaming kings and queens shun it or pretend it doesn’t exist?

Or is it the other way around? Maybe a game is so good that it beats a player at every turn, refusing to reveal its secrets in full but only in tiny bits and pieces. This is probably the case in my quest to find quests in the surprisingly interesting Legend of Mir 2: The Three Heroes, a massively multiplayer role-playing game from South Korean developer Wemade Entertainment Co. published locally by Okey-Dokey Interactive Entertainment.

Dude, Where’s My Breeches?

Before you rush headlong into playing this “unworthy” game, there are a few things you need to know. First, and probably most important of all tips, when your avatar bites the dust, you won’t lose gold or experience. However, you might want to check that jaw of yours before it drops to the floor when some of items fall of your avatar’s very stiff carcass. (Note: If we do find a screenshot for this, we can say that it’s reminiscent of Diablo 1 and 2 in multiplayer mode, when dying avatars “discard” their equipment.)

Second, don’t forget to check your avatar’s bag by hitting F9 before walking out of either Gingko Tree or Border Village — the two starting towns in the world of Mir. Why is this such a necessity? Press F10 and you’ll find out … that your avatar is stark naked. Fortunately, the gods of Mir provide you with the basics, a dress and a wooden sword.

The Adventure Begins

Nothing takes the sting of boredom from constant hack-and-slash games like going on quests can. In most games, quests often spell quick XP, gold, or items—ergo, success in most instances. It’s the same in Legend of Mir 2. To give greenhorns a minute advantage and keep their zest level for the game high in the earlier part of the game, Mir’s developers have added newbie quests. Here’s a breakdown.

Beginner Quest 1, for Level 3 and below. Make your merry way to the Assistant NPC located at coordinates 628:601. The assistant will ask you to find and talk to either Daisy or Jim. When you find the next NPC, he or she will tell you about this revolutionary way to earn gold in Mir—by killing helpless hen and deer, and sell their bloody carcasses. Bring Daisy girl or Jimmy boy meat with a purity level of 13 or higher and you’ll get 1,000 gold. Not bad for a day’s work.

Beginner Quest 2, for Level 3 to 5. Before undertaking this quest, remember that you can only proceed if you have finished Quest 1. Like it’s predecessor, your first stop is the Assistant NPC, who will tell you to seek Peter or Smith. These two gentlemen are your keys to a shiny new weapon. There’s a lot of killing involved in this quest, not because you need to deck more chickens and lion-fodder but to reach Level 5. Once your avatar clears this level, head back to Peter the Smith or Smith the Smith and show off that bronze sword.

Beginner Quest 3, for Level 7 above. This quest is separates the wheat from the chaff, as the Assistant sends you on an interview of the masters of each job class, the Wa-Master, the Great Wizard, and the Holy Taoist. Prepare to go back to the hen and slaughterhouses again, though, as the greatest warriors of Mir ask you to kill poultry and farm denizens in five minutes. If you fail this, you won’t get the basic skill book that will, to an extent, make your avatar more powerful.

Beginner Quest 4, for those who survived the first three quests. Believe it or not, you won’t need to drop by Mister Assistant to start this quest. You do, however, need to chat with Steven, the resident librarian of the starting towns. To receive a cache of potions from Steven, you must run to the Woomyon Woods and find Helen. Go back to Steven and pick up your reward.

Money, Money, Money

Tired of looting dead monsters? Follow the path of Gautama Buddha or Mahatma Gandhi and take out your aggression on Mir’s plant and fungal life. Young and inexperienced players should hit the forest trail upon entering the world and start bashing that wooden sword they’re totting against Mir’s acres upon acres of chestnut trees, ebony trees, and mushrooms. The rewards are high as rare chestnuts can fetch 5,000 gold from a dealer in Bichon.

If trees and fungi are not your thing, you can always scavenge. A lot of players are either too lazy or too rich to pick up most loots, especially at higher-level training grounds or dungeons. Try your hand at scavenging at Castle Gi-ryoong and you’ll see what I mean. Most monster loots, both mundane and unique, get left on the field for enterprising scavengers.

Picking on plants or through other people’s kills not to your liking? Then be a carnivore and turn your avatar into the scourge of hens and deer. Go on a killing spree and salvage the meat off your kills’ carcasses. Just remember to hold down alt and then press on the right mouse button to start scraping that meat.

No Money, No Honey

Of course you can’t go hunting trees and their fruits, and hens and deer forever. Once you breach Level 13, you should go hunting stronger prey. Take note, however, that even with your newfound powers, such as higher hit points, hunting these monsters will be hard.

It will take a party, especially one containing a wizard (or several wizards) with handy fireball spells to conquer higher dungeon levels, such as Castle Giryoong’s wilderness where Oma Warriors abound.

The rewards, though, are great for brave—and industrious—adventurers. Monsters in the wilderness drop items that can be worn by all three job classes and precious skill books. Some players claim to rake in millions in gold a day just by selling loot.

And that’s just from Oma Warriors. Other, more powerful mobs drop, albeit occasionally, small stones that can be used in weapon refining, gem making, item crafting, or element combining. At last check, these stones each sell for about 400,000 gold in the open market.

For more powerful mobs, adventurers, particularly wizards who have mastered Thunderbolt (a Level 17 skill), the Praina wilderness beckons. Spiders that drop special items worth 100,000 gold above run freely.

Warriors and Taoists will have a harder time conquering the Praina wilderness. If your warrior or taoist avatar can’t find a party replete with thunderbolt-wielding wizards, you might as well turn your sights on Death Valley, where monsters that give good experience points and drops can sustain your adventure-hungry avatar till Level 30.

Getting tired of hacking and slashing your way to riches? Drop by the neighborhood weapon store, grab a pickaxe, and head toward the nearest undead-infested mine. Ores from these mines, depending on the quality, sell for good amounts of gold. Some ores are even good for refining weapons.


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