Abandonware: Old games don’t die

Want to know what games made your father or older brother’s loins burn back in the 80s and 90s. A quick check of YouTube has produced three videos of memorable Abandonware games. Here’s a breakdown:


Prince of Persia


As for the questions that come after viewing such gaming masterpieces: 1) Yes, that’s how daddy’s first-person shooter games look like. Don’t complain. You haven’t seen Wolfenstein yet. 2) Yes, the Prince of Persia was faceless and devoid of detail back in the 80s. The new ‘do, despite gaining acceptance among today’s youth, just won’t cut it for the older generations. 3) No, paratroopers are not S.E.A.L.


2 Responses to “Abandonware: Old games don’t die”

  1. Trinity Says:

    I remember I used to play a game called Lode Runner on the PC all the time. I found an adaptation of it recently and have been playing it again.. but it’s not the same. I guess at the time they were fun because we didn’t really have too many other choices.

  2. Remember This Game? at female-gamer.com Says:

    […] came across a couple of blog posts on old video games last week – Top 20 Classic Video Games and Old Games Don’t Die – that got me interested in digging up some classics that I had enjoyed playing on my PC in the […]

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