Perfect World: Know Thy Avatar

Perfect World screenie

Before Perfect World, a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game introduced locally by Level Up! Games, hits the monitors of your friendly neighborhood Internet cafes and gaming shops, it is wise to read up on related literature—to give you that edge once the game gets rolling.

And what better way to start than by checking out the different jobs and classes available in the game world.

Wuxia, Human Warrior

WuxiaWuxia’s are closed combat warriors who are potent with or without weapons. They are swift, agile and quick to attack and evade assailants.

Wuxias as swordsmen weight themselves on chivalry and the mastery of the different fighting arts through continuous practice and training.

They are balanced both on attacking and defending enemies, plus their solid grasp of the different kinds of weapons, superior physical attack and fighting arts makes the deadly combination of power and speed makes the Wuxias a formidable foe to contend with.

Fashi, Human Mage

FashiFashi’s are hot tempered but warm hearted masters of the conjuring arts. They can utilize the elements of water, fire and earth to their advantage.

To maximize the elements of nature, Fashi’s requires to be immersed in a state of mystical meditation to be as effective when attacking. During this state, the defense capability of Fashi’s are crippled but once conjuring is in effect, they can deal a great amount of long range damage to enemies. To the Fashi, Attack is always the Best Defense.

Aside from this, Fashi’s can absorb skills and develop their own skills as they level up.

Yumang, Wings Archer

YumangYumangs are believed to be offspring’s from a hybrid of humans and gods and on which bloodlines are made apparent through their intrinsic physical beauty and elegance.

Their race is blessed with wings and can fly on a short distance as a base attribute.

The Yumang specifically are the guardians of the race. They utilize wood type equipments and other long range weapons to ward of attackers and would be antagonists.

Yuling, Wings Priest

YulingYulings are part of the same elegant race as that of Yumangs. They too have flight as an innate attribute. They can heal, curse and can call on the earth elements of thunder and wind.

They are a good pair for closed combats since their long ranged spiritual prowess complements that of melee warriors that balance the Yulings inadequacy.

Yaoshou, Beast MorphYaoshou

Yaoshou’s are creatures that opened up to the evils of the earth and as such, the creatures that used to tread the earth for more than a hundred years metamorphosed with the shape of a human being.

YaoShou are strong creatures that are often serves as the front attacker on the battlefield. Its prime strength is its ability to battle with the enemies during short distance fights. It mainly relies on it’s strength during attacks.

Yaoshou’s can bring out the full beast in them by awakening the animal within himself and in turn transforms himself into a creature of vast strength.

Yaojing, Beast Summoner

YaojingYaojing shares the evil that reside in Yaoshou’s, but instead of the beast like creatures, Yaojings are attractive and charming characters that can tantalize its foes and allies.

Yaojings tempest ways are traced from that of a grass snake and like the snake, are very adept in using poison.

In addition, Yaojings can tame animals to fight with its cause. Each pet that are tamed and summoned has its own attributes and skills that can improve the effects of drugs that can be used by the Yaojing.

Yaojings can awaken the fox in them for a higher attack and defense attribute that are not available when it is not in its normal form.


One Response to “Perfect World: Know Thy Avatar”

  1. DigiLex Says:

    Excellent blog dude… I’m definitely going for Yaojing ^^
    I think there’s a little typo though at the last sentence: “Yaojings can awaken the fox in them for a higher attack and defense attribute that are not available when it is not in its normal form.”
    Should it not be “when it is in its normal form”

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